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People with Millions

Well I have been doing some reading and some of it mentioned stats about millionaires.  This has been something that I have been thinking a lot about, simply because I will soon be a millionaire, in fact it seems quite easy when you follow the steps.

There are only 9.5 million millionaires in the world. (In Dollars) To put that in perspective that is 3 millionaires for every 2000 people on this planet.  These millionaires are worth a total of $37.2 trillion dollars.  That is an average of    1.9 million of these folks are in the United States.  That means that in the US 2 people out of every 300 are millionaires.  Half of all millionaires in the US are retired.

Only 1% of millionaires are worth over $30 million, but of these super millionaires 65% of them are in the United States.  Millionaires are rare, but for the people who really want to be a millionaire it is something that can be done with ease.  You simply need a millionaire mindset, the drive and focus to achieve it then the idea that will make you your money.

95% of the people in the US do not have a millionaire mindset, and will never become one unless they win the lottery or something like that.  The other 5% know what to do, but most of them will never be able to do it because they can not harness the drive or focus because life gets in the way.

It seems that the easiest way to become a self made millionaire is to think of a system, that is easy to reproduce, and allows you to get small amounts of money from many people.  The most common way to do this is to sell a product or service, making a small amount of money from many people.  The same thing applies to people who sell books, or sports players who make their money from the team when they sell tickets and products. The system is your distribution system, you have to make the system in such a way that you can be removed from the system and it still works.  Once you have a system that works without you then you can grow it bigger, as long as you are part of the system, you will always hold the system back, because you have limited time and energy.

For me I have ideas for a few such systems, the only thing is the money required to launch these ideas, so until I have enough I work hard at making the systems not need money, or using my personal efforts to make money to fund these systems some day.

Many others become millionaires by being super executives at huge companies, or by investing the small sums they had in real estate or stocks.  These methods so account for many millionaires also but not everyone can be a high level executive, and many people don’t have the ability to save and invest, this is why making a system is the easiest way.

Because I have the millionaire mindset I am always aware when I meet millionaires, and for them being as rare as they are, they seem to be everywhere.  Many of my best customers are millionaires, many people I know and find interesting are millionaires.  Of the 100 people I have spent the most time with in the last 3 months at least 15 of them are millionaires.  When I am in Asia, I am often surrounded by the top .01% of society.

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