Jason Dragon in front of the Capital
Jason Dragon in front of the Capital

Hello. My name is Jason Dragon. I am married and have a young son born in mid 2007. I have lived in the Phoenix for most of my life, but I did spend about 14 months living in Cebu Philippines for two years.  Now I am back in Phoenix and running 3 different companies at the same time trying for grand success.

I have tons of fresh ideas, fresh content and I would really like to you subscribe to my blog.  I will strive to create something interesting a few times a day.  I have also decided to be much more real.  Before I often tried to be politically neutral, and neutral on many different controversial topics, and that HAS ENDED.  You will get my opinion, how ever wrong you may think it is.  I will point out the idiots and the business blunders as I see them.  Everything will still be written from the perspective of me, an entrepreneur, an über geek, a Christian, a right-wing constitutionalist, a world trailer, an avid reader, and a patriot.   Hang on it will be a fun ride.  Subscribe by clicking a link up there in the top right.

So why do I blog.  Well I blog for a few different reasons.  One of them is because I am always thinking and I like to have an organized place for me to track my thoughts and to get feedback from the public.  Next I also blog to be part of the conversation, and to push it forward.  Next I blog because I like to have a place I can send people to read my thoughts so that I don’t have to retell the same things over and over to many different people, I can write it one and then send people to the page.  Next I blog because I feel that I am an expert in a small amount of things and would like the world to know.  Last I blog so that every now and then I can promote my companies and this is a great way to do that.

Thanks for reading my blog, and I really hope that you subscribe because it will help us both out.   Thanks.

Jason Dragon

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