2022 Arizona Primary

As a PC in the Republican party it is part of my job to help educate voters about the elections. The Primary is coming up on Aug 2nd.   I have spent about 30 hours listening to candidates and trying to decide who I will vote for any why.  So here are major races in Arizona.  Every candidate I am suggesting is someone I have meet in person, and shook their hand.  I have listened to all sides in each case, as much as I could, and these are the conservative choices I have found.  For me it is important how a person carries themselves, and how they get their message across, this makes it easier for them to win the general and to be better when in office. I also look for fighters, they will fight to win and will fight for what is right when in office.  We have way too few of them. 

The most important thing is that no matter who wins in the Primary that we will help them in the general election.

Az Governor: Keri Lake.  I have been on the fence for her but after talking to her in person and going to three events with her I think she is the best choice.  Very much a fighter.

United State Senate: Jim Lamon, the only one to build a business, he understands what it is like to be an entrepreneur, he know that government gets in the way more than it helps.  If we were at war I would choose General McGuire, but we are not at war, and it is way more important for us to focus on the economy and business right now than the military.

Az Sec of State:  Shawnna Bolick, Another bold fighter, and a great speaker.  Has passion for helping the state.  Her opponents have great resumes but she was the only one that was a great fighter.  Honestly any of them in this race would do a great job, but I have seen Shawnna more and she has more passion I feel.

Arizona Attorney General: After listening to them all I feel that Rodney Glassman would probably do the best job, he knows who he serves, and he is the only one who has actually ran a law office, and this role would be running the largest law office in Arizona, we don’t need someone who never was the boss.

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Shiry Sapir, has the most passion by far, comes to a ton of events and is a great speaker, she ticks all the boxes.  She also is a business person and knows how to get things done.

State Treasurer: Kimberly Yee, a great speaker and someone who has done a great job building and watching our state funds even in this down stock market.  I think she deserves another 4 years.

Corporation Commission (2 open seats): Kim Owens and Nick Meyers.  Kim has been an important part of the Republican party for years and would do great in this position.  Nick Meyers knows the job well and has worked in this area for years. 

Maricopa County Attorney:  Gina Godbehere, another fighter and passionate person.  After listening to all of the candidates Gina clearly stood out and will get my vote.

All the other races only have one person running, or is too local for this post. 

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