The rebirth…

Jason Dragon in front of the Capital

For about 2 years I have been blogging.  At first it was really fun and exciting.  But as time went on I started to feel more and more confined by my subject matter.  It was a business blog, but I wanted to have a nice and in depth look at business.  I soon started making each entry very long and very in depth and it became much more like work and less fun.  Back in August I helped someone else create a blog, but I did the mistake of doing it with my account on wordpress.  They did some things on their blog that made the people at wordpress unhappy.  So they shut down all of my blogs.  This one, the ones for a few of my clients and even my wholesale computer blog.  I quickly got this one back up and running, and re-branded it “The Biz Guy”  But then I decided to take a break from blogging for a bit, relax and come back with something fresh.

The break is over, and I am back.  I have tons of fresh ideas, fresh content and I would really like to you subscribe to my blog.  I will strive to create something interesting a few times a day.  I have also decided to be much more real.  Before I often tried to be politically neutral, and neutral on many different controversial topics, and that HAS ENDED.  You will get my opinion, how ever wrong you may think it is.  I will point out the idiots and the business blunders as I see them.  Everything will still be written from the perspective of me, an entrepreneur, an über geek, a Christian, a right-wing constitutionalist, a world trailer, an avid reader, and a patriot.   Hang on it will be a fun ride.  Subscribe by clicking a link up there in the top right.

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