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This is the website for Jason and Gemenie Dragon. Jason is a businessman living in Peoria Arizona with plans to do big things in Cebu Philippines. Gemenie is his wife.

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I have so many pages that I have created for many different reasons that I need a place to list them all….So I will list them all here and you can select the one that you wish to go to. People always ask for my home page and there are so many answers.

So who is Jason Dragon?

Jason is a business leader, and entrepreneur. He is a visionary, always looking at the trends and trying to figure out what is next. He has established a blog where he often shares his views on the world, on technology and on business. Jason is a business expert and consultant. If you need someone to take your business to the next level Jason is the guy for you.

Jason was always very smart. In high school he started out taking all the junior level classes his freshman year, and by his senior year he had taken the highest level in almost every subject, and he did this while staying within the top 5% of his class. At the end of his Junior year in high school he took part in the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) computer contests, and in both contests he scored the highest score in the entire state of Arizona. He went on to compete at the national level and ended up number 23 in the FBLA contest for computer skills for the entire US. Near the end of high school he took the SAT and ACT and on both tests he scored in the 99th percentile. He then went on to college and when he was still only 21 he graduated from NAU with a BS in Small Business Administration. He also focused much of his class time on economics and marketing. He was also very involved with social and religious activities.

During college Jason started a computer company to make extra money, it was called JDTec Computers. After graduation he made this his main source of money. After a year in the saturated computer market of Flagstaff, Arizona he moved back to Phoenix, and in 1998 he renamed the company Emerald Computers and started to take things seriously. By 2000 he had opened the first Emerald Computers retail store. Sales kept going up despite the tech slow down. By 2004 Emerald Computers had 2 stores, and an off site office. The company had 15 people working for it and sales approached a million dollars. The company was a system orientated company, it has a system for everything and everyone was expected to run the system. The success was coming from these systems. The systems worked without direct input from Jason so Jason spent most of his time focused on other things.

Jason was also very interested in the Real Estate industry, and by 2005 Jason was already a mortgage broker, helping people get loans, and he was getting education in real estate investing.  In 2006 and 2007 he spent most of his time in the Philippines, when he got back real estate had crashed in Arizona so he focused on computers until 2014.  In May of 2014 he decided to be very serious and got his Arizona Real Estate license.  By the end of 2014 he decided to focus on Commercial real estate.

In 2006 he took on Fred Coit as a business partner, and later that year Jason decided to explore the world. He went to Europe then to Asia. For most of the last half of 2006 and most all of 2007 Jason traveled the world, living in Asia and figuring out the truth of how the world really worked. He read a ton of books, and spent many hours on self education on a myriad of different subjects. He set up a telepresence station and was able to conduct business from the other side of the globe. In 2007 he started a Import/Export business, exporting stone tile from Asia to the US.

During 2006-2007 Emerald Computers became a much more online company, with almost all sales from customers online, or ones that we went out to. So at the end of 2007 we made the choice to close down the retail stores, save on the overhead and focus on the online business.

In November of 2007 Jason returned from his sabbatical in Asia. Ready to take on the world, but the world was slowing down. This is when he started his blog, and put on hold his plans for Real Estate investing. He decided that he would maintain the computer company and look for new and better opportunities. Over the years Jason had joined a few MLM companies and knew that this was an area that could make good profits and work well for him.

In 2009 Jason was very involved in Politics, so in 2010 he decided to run for office, he took most of the year to run for the Peoria City Council for the Acacia district.  It was a close race but he lost.  During that time he was living by buying and selling used computers, and taking care of a few service clients.

Things in the computer industry were looking up, and the used/recycling side of it were booming, so in early 2011 Jason decided to open up Emerald Computers again, this time in an industrial area with a larger building than it ever had.  2011-2012 were hard, and Jason reinvested most everything into the business, but then in 2013 things started booming.  Now in 2014 we have had some of the best months ever.

theboysJason is also a family man. He is always seen with his wife Gemenie and their sons Emerson and Edison. Jason met Gemenie in the Philippines in 2006 through a good friend, Dr Wright, and was married by the end of that year. 11 months later his son Emerson was born. They all live in Peoria Arizona now.  In February of 2009 Edison was born.  A few years later in June of 2014 his third son was born.   Jason now has three awesome boys.  Family is the key to Jason’s motivation, they are the main reason that he has chosen to be an entrepreneur, so that he can have the time and flexibility to be with them.

Computers and Real Estate are the two main things that Jason focuses on now.  He plans to build a large computer recycling company, Emerald Computers will be moving soon to a larger and better location.  On the Real Estate side Jason is actively working with clients to find the best real estate for their needs and currently has a few deals in the pipeline.

Jason and his wife have long term plan to build businesses and investments that allow them to have the freedom to spend a lot of time in the Philippines and to start and build businesses there also.  The way that we do business is to make a system and let people work the system, this allows us to be as busy as we are.  In early 2014 we opened a small grocery store in Carmen, Cebu Philippines, and we did it from Arizona.  A few month later we opened a computer cafe in the Grocery, the store is doing great, and growing every month.

Life is getting better every year, and now 2014 is the best year in many years.  Things are working out well.  Jason recently has been trying to get more healthy and has lost almost 100 lbs in the last year.  Our family is doing well, the kids are going up strong and smart, Jason recently got a new SUV, the computer store is hitting records and is moving to a better building, and now Real Estate is booming, the future is very bright.  Jason has a good team working with him in every aspect of life, success is assured.

If you would like to contact Jason so see what he can do for your business please feel free to contact him using the information below, he will be happy help your business get to the next level and have great success. He can show you how to use technology better, or how to do marketing better. He will also show you how you can build your business around key business systems so that they business can operate without you, and be duplicatable.

Contact Information For Jason Dragon.

  • Main Phone Number: 602-579-4919
  • Second Phone Number: 623-240-2424
  • EmailAddress: dragon@capitalactive.com, dragon@emeraldcomptuers.com, dragon@jasondragon.com
  • Yahoo Chat Name: ecidragon
  • Address: dragon@emeraldcomputers.com
  • Main Office Address: 7601 W Beryl Ave, Peoria, Arizona 85345 USA
  • Emerald Computers Office: 9299 W Olive Ave #609, Peoria, Arizona 85345

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