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If you have any questions about this blog, business, our products or anything that we have offered to help with please feel free to contact me with this information below.


Phone: 602-579-4919 (Call 10am to 6pm, Monday-Saturday please)

Mailing Address: 9299 W Olive #609, Peoria Arizona 85345


Jason Dragon.

4 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hello Jason,

    I came across your blog accidentally and was drawn to read more of the blogs you’ve written and the responses to them. Very educational.

    I debated whether I should ask you to check my MLM business and see if you can assess it and perhaps consider joining but I fully believe that there are no accidents so here goes.

    Like you, we’ve been involved in MLMs, made some money but because I’ve been working full time and making good money at the time did not pursue to be in the business longer. I decided that no more MLMs. This was my position until a friend came and approached me with a start-up company in which he is the CFO. Since I trust my friend, we decided to invest a little to be part of the Founders pool as the company is starting with penny stocks and at the time, two months ago, investment were in exchange for the stocks. The CEO of the company had generated interests with the people he knew that not only are we launching in the US, but we already have business partners in Japan (which is growing faster than the US), Philippines, AUstralia, New Zealand, Singapore, Colombia, Mexico, India to name a few. We have more than 1000 already signed here in the US and we haven’t even launched yet. Plan is to have the products by September 2008. As you know, if you work an MLM right, there is money in it and the time to make more money in it is at the start of the company, Anyway, so as not to waste more of your time, please check our website, and give your assessment and perhaps you might even want to join us. Products has ginseng and reishi mushrooms in it.
    This is a first to me, sending an e-mail to a stranger to ask about joining me in the business. But if anything, I’m surprised at myself, but as I said, I feel that I was brought to your website. I am learning from your blogs. Thank you.

  2. I forgot to add, I hope your name get picked on the 7million7years drawing. Seems like a great opportunity.

    Sorry for the long e-mail. I did not realized I had written a long message.

  3. Thanks 4 ur article on business elasticity, I was looking 4 an answer to my assignment in school but got an answer 4 my market business dat I have performed poorly. Thank, Emmanuel Osehodion (Nigeria).

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