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Evony, a great distraction.

So many people have been wondering why I have not been blogging for a long time.  Well one of the main reasons is that I have been totally distracted by a game that I found called Evony, it is really interesting.  It is a game where you build a city, you create the economy, then you build up armies and fight other people.  evonylogo

It is a lot like Age of Empires, even with similar graphics, but it takes place in “Real Time”.  Everything takes hours and hours to build, and some research things can take two weeks.  At first I did not like how it was so slow, then I started to like it.  It does not give people a major advantage by how many hours per day that they play, it is more designed for the person who wants to log on every day for 30 minutes and relax, just like me.  Some days I use it for more than 30 minutes, but other days I know I can set all the things to build and then spend a day or two away from the game.  Also because I fix computers and design websites most of the day I can sit here and do a few clicks on the game while waiting for software to install, or when I am on the phone.  It really is quite relaxing.

There are two nice things that make the game really interesting.  First is the market.  You can buy and sell resources with other players.  But what is really cool is that it is a true market, it works just like the stock market.  In fact the market interface is like E-Trade in the Nasdaq level 2 part.  You can see what other people are selling and bidding at and you can choose where to set your price.  You can even play the market and move prices up or down by moving huge volume, and then reverse the trend a bit later to make money.  I tried it a few times but it was too much work to do that.

evonymarketThe next really cool thing is that you join alliances, and your alliance will team up with other alliances and you organize to war against other people.  You also get to chat with your alliance members and after a while they start seeming like friends.  I have played a few other online multiplayer games but none of them really got me into it like this.  Our alliance has leaders and also people who think they can lead but fail, it is really a good microcosm of the business world.

So if you ever play you can look for me.  I am on server 7.  My username is AzDragon, and my towns are in a place called Lombardy.

There also is a good business lesson in Evony.  Basically that success comes from daily activity towards your goal, just like in business.  Every day for my business I place ads, make and receive phone calls, research the industry, and hopefully make sales.  In Evony, you build armies, upgrade buildings, and attack computer and human players.  But in both over time you get stronger and stronger, you start to have more and more success, and eventually you reach a point where you would be considered successful.

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My new blog…

Well I have moved my blog to my own server.  I have actually wanted to do this for a while because it is much more flexible and more powerful.   But on tuesday it become necessary because wordpress decided that my blog was just advertising.  I am sure they did not read it, because as most of my readers know there is very little advertising on here, and tons of great content, IMHO.

So I went off to recreate my blog.  I was able to install on my server with ease, took under a minute.  Then I found the theme I used before.  Then I started to look for my old blog entries, I was able to find over 100 online, and I have been reposting them into this blog using the original posting date.  For most of the entries the old cached version did not have the photos so they are missing now.  So far I have taken about 25 of my most recent entries and a few of the older more popular ones and put them back up.  It will be a long process to put them all up, and some older,  less relevant ones will not be reposted.

With the new location I decided to go with a new name, more of a brand name…. “The Biz Guy” is great, because that is what I want to be about business, but I wanted a more edgy name than the “The Business Blog”  I was able to update all my feeds to reflect the new location.  I will no longer get the 100-200 people a day I got from google, maybe google will find the new location, but I doubt it.

If you have linked to my blog, please update your links.  I really need the traffic now.

Thanks for the 2 years of readership.

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