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1 Year Blogging

Well this year is now exactly 1 year old.  My first entry was on the date back in 2008.  It has been an interesting year.  I expected to blog much more than I actually did.  I have so many ideas but many of them are already written by someone else much better than I could do it.  Then other times I have a great idea for something that I want to share with the world, but I either don’t completly form the idea and I figure that I would rather wait, or else I forget about it by the time I get to a computer.  I have tried to bring up interesting topics, such as my series on MLM‘s and my series on computers.

I have found some interesting stats while I have been doing this.  First off my article on How to select a laptop, is by far the most popular one I have ever wrote.   It has been the most popular article EVERY week after I wrote it.  Other entiries also have stayed popular for months, such as my article about Gold Prices, and one about a new Nigerian Scam that they tried on me.

If you do not subscribe to this blog I hope that you would.  I have a lot of ideas and I am also working on blogging about my new business I am working on.  I would love for people to follow along tell me what they think.

Thank you to all of my readers, I hope nothing but success for you in the next year.

Laptop Screen Size price point

A while ago I wrote an article about How to Select a laptop.  Read that if you have not already.  By far it is the most popular blog I ever wrote.

I have noticed a major change in the last month in the laptop market, and that change is about monitor size.  For at least 2 years the 15.4″ wide screen size was the cheapest and the most common.  Before that it was the 15″ screen.  Before 2003 or so the 14″ screen was the best value.   Usually an upgrade to a 17″ screen cost hundreds more, most of this was due to the lack of economy of scale.  In desktop screens a 15″ screen has cost more than a 17″ for at least 2 years.  But now this is quickly becomming the case with laptops also.  It makes sence, when you have a larger screen the computer part of your laptop is also larger, and with less minituration the cost is lower.  I have already seen laptops with 17″ screens only $50 more than the same specs with a 15.4″ screen.   Though this 17″ laptop was a full 3 lbs heavier.  17″ laptops are more popular as more and more people no longer have desktop computers.  I would predict that by christmas there will be no price differenct between these two laptop monitor sizes for computers with the same specs.

Comment on this, and when christmas comes I will look for two laptops with the same specs that are the same price.

Update to laptop blog

10 days ago I wrote a blog about how to select a laptop.  It is the first blog that I have written that is really catching on.  Each day it actually gets MORE hits than the day before.  I guess people are emailing the link around.  So I decided to re-read it and I found that I had even more to say on the subject.

I decided to edit that post instead of making a new post so that everything would be in one location, so I am creating this post to let all my readers know about the update, If you read it and liked it then read it again for the new sections.  I put a section on power usage, and a large section about the process I would go through if I was selecting a laptop in todays market.

CLICK HERE to go to the UPDATED “How to Select a Laptop” blog entry.