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The secrets of how to dispute things on your credit report.

The quickest way to improve your credit is to work to remove things on your credit report that are negative.  This is not as hard as people think.  Before going forward, remember that is against the law to lie in any of the forms that you will sending to the credit reporting agencies.  But also remember that the law also says that an item in your report needs to be 100% correct for it to remain in your report; so even one small mistake in data is ground for deletion.  The problem is that the credit reporting industry make more money from someone who has poor credit, because they buy more reports, they try to fix their credit by many very expensive means and they try more often to get credit letting the credit companies to make money when they sell your reports to the companies you apply with.  They have many reasons to try to keep your report as negative as they can.

But the law is on your side.  Now here is the secret that I have seen presented at least twice at really high priced seminars presented by very successful multi-millionaires.  The law states that the info on your credit report MUST be 100% correct.  But there is a conflicting privacy law that forces them to redact most of your account information.  This turns account number 123456789 into xxxxxx789.  Because of the conflict of these two laws it has created a loophole that millionaires walk through.  It allows them to dispute that the information is not 100% correct and MUST be deleted.

They simply send a letter to the credit agency that says something like this.  “Hello my name is John Doe, and I am writing to clarify an item on my credit report.  My SSN is 111-11-1111.  You have listed an account with account number xxxxxx789.  This account number does not match the number that is on my statements from MegaBux Bank.  Because the information about this account is not accurate I ask that you remove it ASAP as the law requires.”    The credit agencies hate it when they receive a letter like this because they know that there is no way they can keep the item on your report.  The MAJOR problem with this tactic is that it totally removes the trade line, and many people have poor credit more because of a lack of trade lines than from negative information.  If you have a 6xx score and you have less than 12 trade lines, it would actually hurt you more to remove an item with a few 30 day late payment than it would to keep it on your report.   But if you are in the 7xx range and have 20 trade lines it will likely be much better to remove the trade line.  (On a side note, the reason most millionaires use this trick is not to remove negative items, they use it to remove mortgages on investment real estate, because many banks have a limit on how many mortgages you can have at one time…doing this makes them not show up on the credit report.  They still must declare them all in the application but for some reason banks look at the credit report more than the loan application and give the credit anyway.)

If you want to keep the trade line you often can change it to make it less negative by disputing minor issues with it.  What follows is a set of instructions on how to dispute your credit the way most people do it.  Start with this first, you may get 50% or more of your negative items changed to positive, which is much better than deleting them.

With this economy you need all the help you can get to fix the last few years, and I truly hope that this blog entry helped someone.  If this helps you please comment below.

Start the dispute process

You have every right to dispute inaccuracies in your credit report under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and the credit bureaus and your creditors are obligated to correct inaccurate information in a timely manner.

How to file a dispute

  1. Contact the creditor with the incorrect information
    • We’ve created a sample letter that you can use to start the process
    • Some creditors will correct minor errors over the phone, so we recommend that you contact the creditor first
    • Your list of creditors can be found in the Creditor Contact section of your credit report
  2. Contact the credit bureaus
    • Disputes may be sent to the credit reporting agencies online or in a letter:
    • Experian – Disputes are not accepted by telephone, but you may file a dispute online(link to Experian online form)
    • Equifax – Disputes are accepted online (link to EFX dispute page), or you use one of our sample letters and mail your dispute
    • Trans Union – Disputes are accepted online (link to TU dispute page), or use one of our sample letters and mail your dispute
    • Once the credit reporting agency receives your request, it has 30 days to investigate and provide a response to you in writing. During its investigation, the credit reporting agency will contact the institution that provided the disputed information to seek verification of its accuracy. If the disputed information cannot be verified, it must be removed from your credit report or updated per your request. Information that is verified as accurate may remain in your credit files for as long as allowed by law.
    • You may file more than one dispute at a time. You may also file disputes with more than one credit reporting agency. Each dispute will be investigated separately, but may be processed simultaneously.
  3. Follow up
    • If you have not received a response to your request after 30 days, write a letter to the credit reporting agency indicating that you have not been notified of the results.
    • We’ve created a sample letter that you can customize as necessary to explain your case. Print, sign and mail the letter to the appropriate credit reporting agency, keeping a copy for your records.
  4. Don’t give up
    • If upon receiving the results of the investigation you are still not satisfied, you may request information regarding the person or institution that supplied the information.
    • We’ve created a sample letter that you can customize to your needs and include any additional information necessary to explain your case. Print, sign and mail the letter to the appropriate address, keeping a copy for your records.
    • You may also wish to add a 100-word consumer statement to your credit file explaining the reason for the disputed information so potential creditors have the total picture.
  5. If you do not recognize information on your credit report and suspect that you may be a victim of identity theft, in addition to filing a dispute, we recommend you file an Identity Theft claim.

They are watching you, and keeping track of your wrongs (Unless you pay!)

What if an organization existed that kept a database on everyone. They would listen to whatever the general public says about other people, and they would record that information and save it in a database. Anyone can go and complain about anyone they like. The more people you meet the higher the chance you will have that someone will have a problem with you. Now what if they made that database available online, for anyone to search and look things up. Then they went a step farther and they would advertise on TV and on the radio the existence of their database, telling you that before you have a relationship with this other person you could look up what other people had to say about this person. They would also encourage you to report any complaints you have about others. You would be considered guilty of whatever action people have complained against you until you prove that you are innocent.

Of course they would not keep this database, and advertise for free, they would need to make money some how, so what if they let people become members of their organization, and a member would be allowed to ‘dispute’ anything in their own personal record and have it removed very easily. To be far they would have to establish a process for non members to dispute things, but of course these disputes would be given much lower priority. Also a member would be given a badge that they could show off the fact they were a paying member. If members paid a bit of extra money they even would be allowed to post this fact on their web page. The organization would advertise that you can only trust people that are members, even though membership is fairly meaningless, it only means you paid them off.

If such a thing existed would you be upset? Would you be outraged? Would you demand that the government do something about it? Would you see it as blackmail?

Well guess what, this organization DOES exist. It is called the Better Business Bureau and that have been doing exactly what I have described for almost 100 years. They pretend that they are there to protect people, that they keep detailed records on businesses but I have seen it first hand, that as soon as you pay them to become a member everything bad goes away with ease, and it is very hard to deal with them if you are not a member.

Also you have no idea what percent of people are unhappy with the company. Who is worse the small business with 10 customers and 5 of them complain or the large company with 10,000 customers where 50 complain? Well according to the BBB the larger one is worse. There are always crazy people who you can never resolve a problem with, we all know them, and companies are punished for having them as customers, even if only .1% of their customers have a bad experience they could have a horrible rating. The company across the way with 10% of their customer having problems pays the BBB off and gets away free. This is a horrable system.

So what can you do about this unfair, blackmail organization? As a customer do not trust them, do not use the BBB to handle your dispute, do not look up your vendors in their database and when you see someone who is saying they are a member, feel sorry for the delusion they live in. If you own a business or have influence in one please don’t become a member, do not give them money, and respond to complaints filed with them.

I am not mad at them, I have no problem with them personally, I just feel that such an organization should not be allowed to exist in our modern society. Maybe if they made some changes, and provided more information, including positive information it would be more useful, and also made it easier to dispute claims against you. But as of now there are many much better and more accurate information sources for those looking to find out about those they plan to do business with. Here are some examples of companies that many people consider to be horrible, but they have perfect ratings with the BBB because they pay, even though there are a huge number of complaints about them. Just read what some people had to say about these companies.
Frys Electronics: Vegas Midway auto team: Phoenix Best Buy (over 12000 complaints) ( I just love how most of the complains on these members are “Administratively closed” something only members can have done.)