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Ted Cruz wins Iowa.

So tonight Ted Cruz won Iowa. First I want to make it clear that for many years now whatever republican Wins Iowa has NOT won the nomination. This year it may be different, this year it may be the same. Of all those running for president I think Ted is likely the one closest to the way I believe, BUT he has a few major problems. First, according to what I was taught and believe I feel that him being born in Canada makes him ineligible to be president. Second, I don’t like some of the more dirty things his campaign has done recently, such as the email telling people in Iowa that Carson was dropping out. Third, I totally dislike his tax plan. But with all of that I have watched all the debates, and I have problems with all the rest also. So I am torn, I really don’t know who to support. I guess it does not matter much really, the nomination will basically be over and decided before Arizona gets to vote. I can’t stand either of the Dems so whoever wins on the Republican side I will support them.

In all cases I feel that the media and the dems are holding key data back on most of the front runners. They are going to wait until the republicans pick their candidate and then all hell will break loose against whoever that person is. We already know about the flaws of both of the democratic candidates, but the media does not care about that. In an interesting twist, in the age of young people rising up both of the democratic candidates would, if elected be the oldest president ever. I think that the media has the most ammo to attack Trump, they are pushing for him to win now, so that they can attack and destroy him later, and make sure their Hillary gets elected.

So as for me, I can’t really push for any of them, I was hopeful Cruz would be the one, but I am not sure if he is real or fake, he acts all holy and Christian for the cameras and then plays dirty politics in the backroom. Maybe Jeb would have been good, but he just never got traction, he had a lot of good ideas and he does have the money to make it to the end, but just not the love of the media or Iowa.