Free speech in the world of the illogical

More and more I feel that free speech is under attack in America. There are things that groups watch out for, they want to silence their opponents. So what they do is that they put a zero tolerance approach on the speech of their opponents. If you are a public figure they will also try to shame anyone who associate with you, they will announce a boycott on the people who support you.

Here are some examples.

NY is banning workers even going to NC for something about bathrooms.
Professors are getting fired all over the country when they say things that were considered truth just a few years ago because those ideas are no longer accepted.
LA and other parts of CA tried to ban doing business in Arizona because it passed a simple bill requiring cities to ask people if they were here legally because some cities were not doing this task and harboring illegal immigrants.
In most media you can not even say illegal immigrants.
It is not acceptable to say anchor baby, that is considered hate by the left.
So many people are getting their speech banned on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites
You can not question global warming, even though it is not happening, now they call it change, simple because has always happened and always will.
You can’t say anything about someone in one of 20 different catagories, Gay, Musim, Mexican, Illegal or anything else without being called a hater, even if your point is valid, they cut you off and tear you down right away.
They are given free reign to tear us down as much as they can, because we are white, male or Christian. Because we think on logic and not emotion. We are open minded, and try to help everyone else, and they are there to take and take advantage of us.
In most public places free speech is now relegated to a small zone that makes it not very free.
A friend of mine fired from his job because he said something on Facebook years ago and then decided to serve in a political position, the enemys of the person he was helping found this, took it to CNN, CNN called his boss and said they would make it a national story unless he was fired on the spot, what choice did the boss have, he can’t have his company ruined by a bully with a tv station. How is that not extortion.
This is all so frustrating. This is why I have not been posting much about politics on Facebook.

The left is so illogical. How can a democrat who loves gay people support the Muslims who will murder and stone gay people on sight? How can a small group of scientific leaders bully the world into believing that climate change is something to worry about and that no more research is done, the issue is settled they say and any new evidence is unaccepted, how scientific is that. They had a whole security theater thing at the airport, no way will that stop a determined perp, but they inconvence us all. How can they be against the death penalty for murders and evil people but be in favor of killing the innocent unborn, and forcing us all to pay for it even. How can these groups be against bulling yet be the biggest bully in town towards their opponents.

In America you have the right to free speech, most other places you don’t. But people have been bullied into not using it. Many people say things that make them look dumb or stupid even, but they have the right to do it, and we can point it out but should not attack them over it with venom.

So many people have been torn down and destroyed over one small statement, especially when they said it in the long ago past when we had free speech. Hulk Hogan scourged out of WWE history. Paula Deen, losing her show for saying a word that most black people use often but white people are not allowed to say.

So I think that many of Americans think about these things in a way opposite than what the media is trying to tell them. BUT they will never say it out loud, they don’t want to be attacked, they keep their head down, they invoke self-censorship to protect their company, job and families from the venom of the left. I think most Americans feel being gay is wrong, being an atheist is wrong, being a socialist is wrong, that illegally entering out country is wrong, that killing the unborn is wrong, that taking our guns is wrong, and that censoring our speech is wrong. But they are making sure that all students thing all these things are great, and soon the greatest generation will die out. They have a long term plan to take over out country and we are nearing the realization of that plan. I fear that an election of either of these democratic candidates will make that plan happen, and the country we grew up in will be gone forever.

I think this is a big reason that Donald J. Trump is winning, because he says the things that most people only think. And the media is flabbergasted because for the first time they are not strong enough to shut him down despite all their efforts. The problem is that he says so many things that now some on the right also can’t stand him. My problem is that he has a need to always have an answer and often talks when he should not and he has not thought it out. Ted Cruz also says the truth, but presents it with logic, with lengthy arguments that destroy his opponent. His problem is that logic and solid arguments don’t work in a world that runs on 3 second soundbites and emotion, in a world where most people don’t use logic. How can someone like Ted win based on logic, only the logical will vote for him, and there are just not enough of us around to win.

Please share more examples you know of…please share your personal experiences with self-censorship.